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Arcana of Nature Gift Collection [jól 2023] Aðventudagatal 2023

40.480 kr.

Gift an immersive experience in the beauty and well-being of [ comfort zone ]’s  world, with 24 products to discover, day after day, until Christmas. The design, inspired by the language of tarot cards, celebrates regeneration by portraying the uroboros, a symbol of universal energy that renews itself.
It contains 24 of the most beloved products from all the [ comfort zone ] lines, in convenient mini formats ideal for those who want to experiment with different routines or love to travel.
The uniquely hand-created box set is made of 100% recycled FSC paper.

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Ekki lesa lengra ef þú vilt ekki sjá hvaða vörur eru í dagatalinu 😉

Start your routine with products from the Essential line: ESSENTIAL FACE WASH 15ML and ESSENTIAL SCRUB 10ML. Hydrate and brighten your skin with HYDRAMEMORY RICH SORBET CREAM 30ML, HYDRAMEMORY WATER SOURCE SERUM 10ML, HYDRAMEMORY HYDRA PLUMP MASK 15ML and HYDRAMEMORY HYDRA & GLOW AMPOULE 2ML. For sensitive skin, REMEDY CREAM TO OIL 10ML and REMEDY DEFENSE CREAM 10ML are the perfect allies. Carry our SPECIALIST HAND CREAM 15ML with you at all times. Try our line with ingredients from organic farming, SACRED NATURE CLEANSING BALM 15ML and SACRED NATURE YOUTH SERUM 10ML. To help counteract the appearance of signs of aging use SUBLIME SKIN INTENSIVE SERUM 10ML, SUBLIME SKIN CREAM 15ML and SUBLIME SKIN LIFT & FIRM AMPOULE 2ML. Protect your skin from environmental impurities with SKIN REGIMEN CLEANSING CREAM 12ML, SKIN REGIMEN NIGHT DETOX 12ML and SKIN REGIMEN TRIPEPTIDE CREAM 12ML. Take care of your body with BODY STRATEGIST D-AGE CREAM 50ML and BODY STRATEGIST PEEL SCRUB 30ML. Give to yourself a moment of absolute sense of well-being with TRANQUILLITY ™ BLEND 5ML and TRANQUILLITY™ SHOWER CREAM 50ML. Finally, try the vitamin nourishing night specific cosmetic treatment with RENIGHT CREAM 10ML, RENIGHT MASK 15ML, RENIGHT BRIGHT & SMOOTH AMPOULE 2ML.